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The hero leaves the known limits of his world and ventures into an unknown and dangerous realm.
a) Beginning of the Adventure b) Road of Trials c) Refusal of the Return d) Call to Adventure
The hero experiences adventure and perhaps danger as he or she returns to life as it was before the adventure
a) Magic Flight b) Call to adventure c) Refusal of the Return d) The Crossing, Return Threshold
The goal of the quest is achieved.
a) Road of Trials b) Magic Flight c) The Crossing, Return Threshold d) ultimate boon
The hero is given notice that his life is going to change.
a) The call to adventure b) Ultimate boon c) Beginning of the adventure d) magic Flight
When the goal of the adventure is achieved, the hero may decline to return with the gift.
a) refusal of the call b) experience with unconditional love c) Refusal of the return d) Rescus from without
The hero initially rejects to accept his calling.
a) refusal of the return b) call to adventure c) refusal of the call d) rescuse from without
A series of tests, tasks, or challenges.
a) magic flight b) road of trials c) ultimate boon d) rescue from without
The hero retains the wisdom gained on the quest, and decides share the wisdom with the rest of the world.
a) The crossing, return threshold b) rescue from without c) the beginning of the adventure d) call to the adventure
The hero receives support from a friend or mentor, helping the hero continue his journey.
a) magic flight b) ultimate boon c) Experience with unconditional love d) rescue from without
The hero receives help from a guide or rescuer to help him return from his journey.
a) magic flight b) experience with unconditional love c) The crossing, or return threshold d) rescue from without
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