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The _______________________ tells the number of protons and electrons in a stable atom.
a) atomic mass b) atomic symbol c) atomic number d) atomic name
The part of a solution that does the dissolving is the
a) solute b) solvent c) mixture d) particle
Matter that has a definite volume but does not have a definite shape is called a ________________.
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) plasma
C is the atomic symbol for
a) chlorine b) carbon c) carbon dioxide d) citric acid
A ___________________ mixture is the same throughout.
a) homogeneous b) heterogeneous c) regular d) molecular
This type of suspension scatters light that passes through due to particles suspended in the liquid or gas.
a) colloid b) solute c) solvent d) mixture
The smallest atomic particle is the _______________.
a) proton b) neutron c) electron d) nucleus
The only atomic particle not in the nucleus is the
a) proton b) neutron c) electron d) all are located in the nucleus
The center of an atom is known as the
a) middle b) nucleus c) neutron d) proton
A liquid begins to vaporize at its _____________________________________.
a) freezing point b) melting point c) sublimation point d) boiling point
Dry ice is made of frozen carbon dioxide. When dry ice melts, it returns to the gas, carbon dioxide. What is this process called when it melts?
a) condensation b) sublimation c) freezing d) melting
The atomic particle that has no charge is a
a) proton b) neutron c) electron d) nucleus
The temperature at which a liquid changes to a solid is the
a) freezing point b) solid point c) melting point d) condensation point
Something that can be observed without changing the identity of a substance is called a(n)
a) chemical property b) physical property c) chemical change d) physical change
Altering the size, shape, or state of a substance without forming a new substance is a(n)
a) chemical change b) physical change c) chemical property d) mixture
The measurement of the pull of gravity on an object is known as
a) mass b) density c) weight d) volume
H20 is known as
a) sodium chloride b) water c) an atom d) dihydrogen oxide
Grass is green. This is a ______________________ property of grass.
a) chemical b) compound c) physical d) atomic
What atomic particle has a positive charge?
a) Neutron b) Proton c) Nucleus d) Electron
Volume is defined as
a) the amount of space an object takes up b) the amount of matter in an object c) the gravitational pull on a object d) whether or not an object floats.
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