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period of 100 years
a) century b) descend c) spacious d) ancient
Very old
a) ancient b) century c) passage d) precious
a part of the whole or a serving
a) portion b) entry c) passage d) quarry
part of a written work
a) passage b) entry c) chamber d) portion
a way through to pass
a) passage b) entry c) descend d) surface
to find or to put in a place
a) locate b) descend c) intrude d) entry
come in without permission; not welcome
a) intrude b) entry c) locate d) descend
a way in or separate item in a list
a) entry b) passage c) surface d) interior
inside part of something
a) interior b) intrude c) surface d) portion
a room or a group of offices
a) chamber b) interior c) entry d) quarry
to come down
a) descend b) intrude c) passage d) ramp
very valuable or loved
a) precious b) spacious c) ancient d) descendant
deep pit where stone is cut
a) quarry b) ramp c) chamber d) interior
animal that is being hunted
a) quarry b) intrude c) portion d) locate
slanted walk or roadway
a) ramp b) surface c) interior d) descend
having lots of room
a) spacious b) surface c) chamber d) interior
outside layer or the top
a) surface b) entry c) interior d) locate
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