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a person running from the law
a) sleuth b) culprit c) fugitive d) witness
the person who committed the crime
a) culprit b) fugitive c) sleuth d) witness
a false clue or lead
a) deduction b) red herring c) assumption d) inference
proof that a suspect was nowhere near the crime
a) fact b) lead c) alibi d) deduction
the chance to commit the crime
a) means b) opportunity c) motive d) reason
the suspect had a way to commit the crime
a) means b) motive c) opportunity d) chance
the reason the suspect commits the crime
a) means b) motive c) opportunity d) excuse
a guess based on facts
a) deduction b) inference c) assumption d) interrogation
asking questions relating to the crime
a) questioning b) interrogating c) deducing d) inferring
the detective or private investigator in the case
a) red herring b) sleuth c) culprit d) fugitive
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