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Which integer represents a loss of $10?
a) -10 b) 10 c) 0 d) $10
Which term goes with the following definition: the size of a number without its sign.
a) negative b) integer c) absolute value d) positive
Which symbol should be placed in the blank to make the statement true? -5 ___ -6
a) less than symbol b) greater than symbol c) equal sign d) greater than or equal to symbol
What is the sum of 8 and - 3 ?
a) -11 b) 11 c) -5 d) 5
Which number is between -10 and -5?
a) -7 b) -3 c) 7 d) 0
Which scenario represents a negative number?
a) 2 degrees above zero b) a gain of $20 c) a loss of 5 yards d) an increase of 20 points
a) 1 b) -1 c) -15 d) 15
Which quadrant on the coordinate plane only has negative numbers?
a) Quadrant IV b) Quadrant I c) Quadrant II d) Quadrant III
Mr. Kraft got a gift card to Texas Roadhouse. He goes there to eat and buys an appetizer for $7.50, a drink for $1.29, an entree for $10.62, and dessert for $2.35. How much money does he have left, if his gift card was worth $30?
a) $10.24 b) $8.00 c) $8.24 d) $8.42
Solve I 3 - 5 I
a) -2 b) 2 c) -8 d) 8
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