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How much of Canada is covered with forests?
a) less than 1/2 b) over 1/2 c) all of it d) none of it
What can be found in the Canadian Shield?
a) wheat b) trees c) diamonds d) fish
How does the Canadian Shield help the Canadian economy?
a) exports minerals internationally b) imports minerals internationally c) sells minerals only withing Canada d) sells minerals only to the USA
What environmental issue is a possible concern for the Canadian Shield?
a) Over fishing b) over mining c) deforestation d) oil spills
What is the biggest industry of the Canadian Shield?
a) mining b) fishing c) forestry d) farming
What has been done to solve the problem of acid rain in Canada?
a) nothing b) closing down of all factories within 100 miles of the Great Lakes c) not allowing any fishing in the Great Lakes d) the creation of environmental agreements between Canada and the US
What causes acid rain to occur?
a) Small rural communities b) the growth of cities and factories c) snow storms d) flooding of rivers and lakes
What type of environmental issue do the Great Lakes suffer from?
a) Acid Rain b) overfishing c) mineral depletion d) oil pollution
What is means the process of removing trees?
a) forestation b) unforesting c) deforestation d) fertilization
What country's pollution also impacts Canada the most?
a) Russia b) USA c) Mexico d) Greenland
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