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a lack of supply
a) shortage b) cultivate c) devise d) complex
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word resourceful?
a) distinctive b) helpful c) purposeful d) unimaginative
difficult to understand or do
a) shortage b) cultivate c) devise d) coplex
to improve, develop, or make something better
a) civilization b) devise c) cultivate d) shortage
to think about and plan carefully
a) devise b) shortage c) complex d) fashioned
people or things that cause pain
a) complex b) shortage c) tormentors d) devise
shaped or molded
a) devise b) fashioned c) shortage d) cultivate
skilled in dealing with difficult situations
a) devise b) shortage c) resourceful d) complex
a society in which, agriculture, trade, art, science, and government are highly developed
a) civilization b) cultivate c) complex d) devise
Which of the following is an example of a civilization?
a) the zoo b) a soccer team c) a public library d) the Roman Empire
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