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This domain contains the most primitive single celled organisms found on earth.
a) Archae b) Eukarya c) Bacteria d) Fungi
Domain that contains unicellular prokaryotes with cell walls made of peptidoglycan
a) Bacteria b) Archae c) Fungi d) Protista
Domain that contains all living things that have cells with a nucleus.
a) Eukarya b) Archae c) Bacteria d) Plantae
The kingdom that contains either unicellular or multicellular organisms that may have chloroplasts for photosynthesis or may be heterotrophs
a) Protista b) Animalia c) Plantae d) Fungi
The kingdom that contains multicellular heterotrophic organisms with a nucleus.
a) Animalia b) Plantae c) Fungi d) Protista
The kingdom that contains unicellular or multicellular autotrophic organisms that are surrounded by cell walls containing cellulose
a) Plantae b) Animalia c) Fungi d) Protista
Kingdom that contains mostly multicellular eukaryotic organisms that are surrounded by cell walls made of chitin.
a) Fungi b) Protista c) Eubacteria d) Archaebacteria
The only kingdom in the domain Archae
a) Archaebacteria b) Eubacteria c) Cryobacteria d) Fungi
Dogs, pigs, horses and sponges would all
a) be in the Domain Eukarya and the Kingdom Animalia b) be in the Domain Archaebacteria and the Kingdom Animalia c) be in the Domain Eukarya and the Kingdom Protista d) be in the Domain Bacteria and the Kingdom Protista
The organism that causes athlete's foot, mushrooms and yeast would all
a) be in the Domain Eukarya and the Kingdom Fungi b) be in the Domain Archae and the Kingdom Bacteria c) be in the domain Eukarya and the KIngdom Protista d) be in the domain Archae and the KIngdom Plantae
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