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What form of mass movment takes place slowly?
a) sinkhole b) landslide c) creep d) mudslide
Dunes are created by what agent of weathering?
a) wind b) water c) glacier d) none
U-shaped valleys are caused by what type of erosion?
a) glaciers b) water c) wind d) waves
What is a delta?
a) a greek letter of the alphabet b) an airline company c) depositing sediment in broad areas at a river's mouth d) name of a wind
Waves come up on the beach and start to change the look of the beach. What would this be called?
a) eroson b) weathering c) deposition d) delta
Which of the following would be an important cause of weathering?
a) wind b) water c) ice d) trees
What is deposition?
a) process of depositing sediment in a new location b) process of wearing or breaking away rock into smaller pieces known as sediment c) mass movement d) process of moving sediment from one location to another
Which is not a landform?
a) river b) mountain c) volcano d) building
Which would be an example of slow change of a landform?
a) hurricane b) waves advancing on the beach c) tornado d) sinkhole
What is erosion?
a) process of moving sediment from one place to another b) process of wearing away rock into smaller pieces known as sediment c) where sediment is deposited in a new place d) None
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