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What are two reasons to use very fresh eggs for pan frying?
a) Egg yolk is visible and white is transparent b) Egg yolk flattens and white spreads c) Yolk color is brighter and white is clearer d) Yolk holds shape better and white spreads less
In pan frying, what is the temperature of the sizzling fat?
a) 300 F - 350 F b) 350 F- 375 F c) 375 F - 400 F d) 400 F - 450 F
If a customer orders a pan fried egg with visible yolk, what older would the waitress place?
a) Fried b) Over-Easy c) Shirred d) Sunny-Side-Up
Pan frying at too low a temperature can result in what taste?
a) Bitter b) Burnt c) Oily d) Salty
What are the two methods for pan-frying potatoes?
a) Creamed and Scalloped b) Deep and French c) Grated and Sliced d) Still and Tossed
What types of fats are usually used in pan frying?
a) Clarified butter and oil b) Lard and olive oil c) Melted butter and margarine d) Vegetable oil and olive oil
What is a sunny-side-up egg?
a) Brown on both sides b) Flipped once c) Transparent whites d) Visible yolk
When pan frying green tomatoes for a green tomato sandwich, what is the let step prior to placing tomatoes in the fat?
a) Dredging b) Pat dry c) Refrigerate d) Soak in water
To pan fry beef, what minimum internal temperature must the product reach?
a) 45 F b) 65 F c) 145 F d) 165 F
To pan fry chicken, how hot does the fat in the pan need to be when the chickens first added?
a) Just melting b) Room Temperature c) Sizzling d) Smoking
For pan frying, marinated chicken should be patted dry to enhance what?
a) Baking b) Browning c) Flavor d) Texture
When is meat browned to braising?
a) After Liquid is added b) After Sauce is added c) After vegetables are added d) Before adding liquid
To prevent scorching, where should the final stage of braising occur?
a) Grill b) Microwave c) Oven d) Steamer
When braising meat, why should the braising pot be covered?
a) Adds flavor b) Allows for even cooking c) Allows moisture to evaporate d) Cooks faster
What is the result of marinating meat to be braised?
a) Decrease the cooking time b) Increases moisture and fat c) Makes it firm d) Tenderizes and adds flavor
What causes a flavorful liquid to be produce during brazing?
a) Long cooking process b) Oven temperature c) Type of meat d) Type of vegetables
Brazing is a combination cooking technique that starts with dry-heat cooking method and ends with what other cooking method?
a) Cold-heat b) Hot-heat c) Moist-heat d) Warm-heat
To braise meat, what is done before browning, especially if it is marinated?
a) Chill b) Pat dry c) Score d) Soak in water
What does dredging meat in flour before cooking do to the braised meat?
a) Improves Browning b) Increases Tenderness c) Increases Moisture d) Makes Meat Tough
What cooking technique had two-thirds of the food covered in the liquid after it begins to simmer?
a) Baking b) Boiling c) Braising d) Broiling
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