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Who held the real power in Japan during the Samurai Period?
a) emperor b) shogun c) president d) samurai
Which is the right order - top to bottom?
a) daimyo-shogun-samurai b) samurai-daimyo-shogun c) shogun-daimyo-samurai d) shogun-samurai-daimyo
In exchange for their service, what did the samurai expect in return from the daimyo?
a) money b) land c) administrative positions d) all of these
Before a battle, samurai announced their names to the other side.
a) True b) False c) d)
To become fully prepared, samurai believed one must develop this sense.
a) hearing b) sight c) a sixth sense d) touch
Which of these could be the second line of a haiku?
a) a deer runs fast b) a deer runs away quickly c) a deer runs away very quickly d) a deer runs too fast
Who was Matsuo Basho?
a) A famous samurai warrior b) A famous shogun c) A famous samurai poet d) A famous samurai painter
Which is the best description of a Japanese tearoom?
a) very fancy with many lights b) absolutely nothing in the room but short stools c) large room with wide openings and windows d) simple decorations such as a scroll and flowers
Which type of Buddhism including repeating a word many, many times?
a) Amida b) Zen c) d)
Which type of Buddhism featured simple rock gardens?
a) Amida b) Zen c) d)
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