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The definition of mercenary is...
a) angry b) slow c) impulsive d) greedy
The definition of euphemism is...
a) a term that doesn't offend b) a harsh term c) a foreign term d) a peaceful term
The definition of banal is...
a) greedy b) clever c) angry d) unoriginal
The definition of assail is...
a) to confuse b) to attack c) unoriginal d) to support
The definition of arbitrary is...
a) impulsive b) slow c) steady d) clever
The definition of appease is...
a) to annoy b) to confuse c) to heal d) to calm
The definition of altruistic is...
a) greedy b) unselfish c) cheerful d) support
The definition of allusion is...
a) a contrast to b) an answer for c) a hint about d) impulsive
The definition of syndrome is...
a) something required b) a cause c) a group of symptoms d) jealous
The definition of taint is...
a) to damage b) to start c) to benefit d) to annoy
Definition: a hint about
a) allusion b) appease c) banal d) taint
Definition: unselfish
a) arbitrary b) altruistic c) syndrome d) euphemism
Definition: to calm
a) assail b) banal c) appease d) taint
Definition: impulsive
a) mercenary b) syndrome c) assail d) arbitrary
Definition: to attack
a) assail b) banal c) euphemism d) syndrome
Definition: unoriginal
a) taint b) banal c) syndrome d) altruistic
Definition: a term that doesn't offend
a) allusion b) arbitrary c) euphemism d) assail
Definition: greedy
a) syndrome b) assail c) banal d) mercenary
Definition: a group of symptoms
a) syndrome b) taint c) altruistic d) appease
Definition: to damage
a) syndrome b) taint c) arbitrary d) assail
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