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The city where democracy was born.
a) Athens b) Sparta c) Corinth d) Argos
Democracy came to an end in Athens after these people conquered Greece.
a) Mycenaean b) Minoans c) Macedonians d) Mcdonaldians
This was usually a harsh leader.
a) aristocrats b) Solon c) citizens d) tyrant
This meeting was a chance for all citizens to debate on laws.
a) oligarchy b) assembly c) direct democracy d) Athens
This is the type of government the U.S. has.
a) direct democracy b) representative democracy c) monarchy d) oligarchy
He is known as the father of democracy.
a) Draco b) Pericles c) Cleisthenes d) Peisistratus
Government by a few- usually aristocrats is called...
a) a tyranny b) an oligarchy c) a monarchy d) a democracy
Which is the one that does NOT describe a direct democracy (Athens' government)?
a) All citizens met as a group to debate and directly vote on every issue. Majority wins. b) There was no separation of powers. Citizens did everything. c) Citizens elected officials to represent them in the government. d) Only free men voted
What is the correct order of Athens' governments?
a) oligarchy, monarchy, tyranny, democracy b) monarchy, oligarchy, tyranny, democracy, monarchy/democracy c) monarchy, tyranny, oligarchy, democracy, monarchy d) democracy, monarchy, oligarchy, tyranny
Which one is correct with who ruled and who had the power?
a) monarchy- king ruled but people had the power b) democracy- only one ruled and had power c) oligarchy- aristocrats ruled so a few had power d) tyranny- many ruled and many had power
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