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It crunched between my teeth.
a) simile b) personification c) onomatopoeia d) alliteration
I was coming home through a howling dust storm...
a) alliteration b) simile c) onomatopoeia d) metaphor
They wrapped my baby brother in a blanket...
a) metaphor b) alliteration c) simile d) personification
... a thousand things I haven't looked at in years.
a) metaphor b) personification c) onomatopoeida d) hyperbole
The blossom opened at midnight, big as a dinner plate.
a) metaphor b) personification c) alliteration d) simile
when the flower, touched by the first finger of morning light
a) metaphor and onotomatopoeia b) simile and alliteration c) personification and hyperbole d) personification and alliteration
Until the wind took it, lifting it up and carrying it away...
a) simile b) metaphor c) hyperbole d) personification
...sorrow climbs up our front steps, big as Texas, and we didn't even see it coming...
a) metaphor and alliteration b) personification and simile c) onomatopoeia and metaphor d) hypebole and alliteration
...empty but for a few withered stalks like the tufts on an old man's head.
a) metaphor b) personfication c) simile d) hyperbole
Ma made a rope of fire.
a) simile b) metaphor c) onomatopoeia d) alliteration
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