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What is the term for Inflammation of the mammary Gland caused by bacteria
a) Hay Fever b) Dystocia c) Mastitis d) Toxoplasmosis
What is the term for the period when the female is receptive to mating?
a) Heat b) Estrus c) Parturition d) Mastitis
What is the term for the major protein found in milk?
a) Biotin b) Fructose c) Lactose d) Casein
What is the term for the first milk produced after calving?
a) milk b) Casein c) Colostrum d) Lactose
What is the term for Spherical structures making up most of the udder
a) Alveoli b) Casesin c) Zygote d) Estrus
What is the term for Difficult Calving?
a) Pain b) dystocia c) zygote d) estrus
What is the term for the process of giving birth?
a) Colostrum b) dystocia c) Parturition d) Alveoli
What is the term for After Calving
a) postop b) Postcalving c) Postpartum d)
What is the term for Process used to produce genetically Identical copy of an organism?
a) Replicating b) Cloning c) Breeding d) Zygote
What is the term for mating system in which mated individuals have one common ancestor appearing several times in 3-4 generations in the pedigree?
a) Crossbreeding b) Linebreeding c) Breeding d) Inbreeding
What is the term for Mating animals of diverse genetic backgrounds (breeds) within a species?
a) Crossbreeding b) Line Breeding c) Inbreeding d) Breeding
What is the term for Animals with common ancestry that have distinguishable, fixed characteristics?
a) Race b) Group c) Breed d) Gender
What is the term for Genetic makeup of an organism
a) Phenoype b) Genotype c) d)
What is the term for the member of an allele pair is expressed and hides the other?
a) Heterozygous b) Homologous c) Recessive d) Dominant
What is the term for Cell resulting from the fusion of the sperm and the egg
a) Zygote b) Sex Cell c) Haploid d)
What is the term for Collecting the embryos from a female and transferring them to a surrogate for gestation
a) Selective breeding b) Genomics c) Embryo Transfer d) AI
What is the term for the learned response of an animal to a stimulus?
a) Zoonotic b) Dominance c) Conditioning d) Etiology
What is the term for restrictive conditions and times when it can occur?
a) Etiology b) Imprint learning c) Biopsy d) Disease
What is the term for the surgical removal of tissue for a diagnosis?
a) Pica b) Antibodies c) Animal Welfare d) Biopsy
What is the term for Disturbance of the function of the body or its parts?
a) Disease b) Pica c) Zoonotic d) Etiology
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