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This style government is very common historically. Routinely it is led by a king who comes from a royal family which has ruled the country for several generations. The king or queen are of royal blood and inherit their position of authority.
a) republic b) theocracy c) monarchy d)
A style of government which is commonly linked with a democracy because the people elect representatives. In this style of government the citizens allow representatives in a legislative or executive branch of the government to make the decisions for
a) monarchy b) republic c) theocracy d)
A government in which God is thought of as the true leader of the government, and the country’s religious leaders serve as the political leaders. Iran does have an elected president and legislature but they are less influential than religous leaders.
a) theocracy b) dictatorship c) monarchy d)
People elect representatives from different political parties in this government. The head of the government is usually the leader of the political party with the majority of elected delegates. These people make the laws for the nation.
a) Parliamentary Democracy b) Presidential Democracy c) Dictatorship d)
People play a much greater role in deciding who the rulers are through real elections and what decisions are made in this form of government. The goal is to leave as much individual freedom as possible. Decisions are often made by majority votes.
a) oilgarchic b) autocratic c) democratic d)
In this form of government, a political party or other small group controls a government and makes all of the major decisions. The people of the country have little choice but to go along with the decisions they make. China has this type government
a) autocratic b) oligarchic c) democratic d)
A system in which the local governments hold all of the power and the central government depends on the local governments for its existence. Examples include the League of Arab States or the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).
a) federal b) confederation c) unitary d)
A political system in which power is shared among different levels of government, most power belongs to the national government so it can lead state governments. In Southwest Asia, the country of Israel is an example of this form of government.
a) confederation b) unitary c) federal d)
A government style in which the one ruler has absolute power to do whatever he wishes and makes and enforces whatever laws he chooses. Individuals do not have any rights to choose leaders or influence laws. It may allow minor economic freedoms.
a) autocratic b) democratic c) oligarchic d)
The central government holds nearly all of the power. That central government has the power to change the way state or county governments operate or abolish them altogether. This government can enforce laws without concern over juristiction or limits
a) unitary b) confederation c) federal d)
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