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Which structure of the eye does light pass through first?
a) cornea b) lens c) pupil d) retna
Which of these is a structure of the inner ear?
a) cochlea b) anvil c) eardrum d) ear lobe
The basic functioning units of the nervous system are cells called ___.
a) neurons b) axons c) dendrites d) synapses
The release of energy from glucose using oxygen is called ___.
a) respiration b) breathing c) exhalation d) inhalation
When you inhale, which way does the rib cage move?
a) down b) out c) in d) stays the same
Which of the following is NOT an excretory organ?
a) large intestine b) liver c) heart d) lungs
Bronchial tubes can contract quickly when a person has ___.
a) chronic bronchitis b) emphysema c) lung cancer d) an asthma attack
Which structure warms and moistens the air you breathe in?
a) larnx b) pharnx c) nasal cavity d) trachea
The blood vessels that supply the heart with nutrients and oxygen make up ___.
a) coronary circulation b) pulmonary circulation c) hypertensive circulation d) systemic circulation
What is the main function of the semicircular canals?
a) hearing b) smell c) vision d) balance
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