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What is the function of cartilage at the ends of bones?
a) nourishment b) strength c) shock absorption d) vitamin D production
What makes your skin tan when exposed to sunlight?
a) oil glands b) sweat glands c) vitamin D d) melanin
Which of the following is an example of an involuntary muscle?
a) muscles that move food through the digestive system b) muscles in the face that allow you to smile c) muscles in your arms and hands d) muscles in your legs and feet
Hibernation and migration are examples of what kind of behavior?
a) cyclic behavior b) aggressive behavior c) courtship behavior d) submission behavior
Which of the following might be used in light communication?
a) bioluminescence b) chirping c) pheromones d) waggle dance
Pheromones are used by some animals in ___.
a) action communication b) light communication c) sound communication d) chemical communication
What type of behavior is shown when a puppy rolls on its back when confronted with another dog?
a) submission b) aggression c) courtship d) imprinting
Sneezing and shivering are examples of ___.
a) instincts b) learned behaviors c) trial and error behaviors d) reflexes
A bird building a nest is an example of a(n)
a) conditioned behavior b) imprinted behavior c) innate behavior d) learned behavior
What do ligaments do?
a) attach muscles to bones b) hold bones together c) cover the surfaces of bones d) make red blood cessl
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