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Which of the following has the objects arranged from largest to smallest?
a) galaxy clusters, galaxies, stars, universe b) stars, galaxy, galaxy cluster, universe c) universe, stars, galaxies, galaxy clusters d) universe, galaxy cluster, galaxy, stars
Which star system is closest to Earth, after the Sun?
a) Alpha Centuri b) Betelgeuse c) Sirius d) Pleiades
Which galaxy is Earth part of?
a) Arp's Galaxy b) Milky Way Galaxy c) Barnard's Galaxy d) Andromeda Galaxy
Massive stars begin their life cycle as which type of object?
a) black hole b) neutron star c) black dwarf d) nebula
Which of the following is a star that expands due to fusion?
a) black hole b) galaxy c) constellation d) supergiant
Approximately how long does it take light from the Sun to reach Earth?
a) 2 seconds b) 10 hours c) 1 day d) 8 minutes
What does a red shift indicate about a galaxy?
a) It is moving toward Earth. b) It is moving very fast. c) It is slowing down. d) It is moving away from Earth.
When a shooting star appears in the sky, it actually is which of the following?
a) asteroid b) comet c) meteorite d) meteor
Which scientist discovered the shape of the planets' orbits?
a) Galileo Galilei b) Albert Einstein c) Johannes Kepler d) Nicholas Copernicus
The North Star, ___, is positioned almost directly over the North Pole.
a) Polaris b) Betelgeuse c) Orion d) Sirius
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