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What is the approximate rate of plate movement?
a) a few centimeters each year b) a few millimeters each year c) a few meters each year d) a few kilometers each year
Which term refers to the ridged layer of Earth that is about 100 km thick and generally less dense than the material below it?
a) asthenosphere b) lithosphere c) plate d) core
Which scientist is credited with the continental drift hypothesis?
a) J. Tuzo Wilson b) Alfred Wegener c) Harry Hess d) W. Jason Morgan
What type of forces create mountains?
a) tension forces b) compression forces c) horizontal forces d) convection forces
The process occurring in the mantle that is thought to be the force behind plate tectonics is an example of a(n)
a) plate boundary b) divergent boundary c) normal fault d) convection current
Which of the following is used as evidence of seafloor spreading?
a) fossil evidence b) climate clues c) rock clues d) magnetic pole reversals
What is used in the formation of geysers and springs?
a) groundwater b) rills c) runoff d) gullies
What is the term for a layer of permeable rock through which water moves freely?
a) clay b) geyser c) granite d) aquifer
Which forms on the floors of caves as water drips through cracks?
a) aquifer b) stalagmite c) geyser d) stalactite
What type of plate boundary has plates sliding past each other?
a) convergent boundaries b) divergent boundaries c) subduction zones d) transform boundaries
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