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The most reliable source of energy for all life on Earth is ___.
a) nuclear power b) the Sun c) coal d) the wind
Wind and rain can cause ___, the movement of soil from one place to another.
a) solid wastes b) soil pollution c) erosion d) acid rain
Which one of the following human activities would be most likely to increase soil erosion?
a) contour plowing b) cutting down a forest c) strip cropping d) no-till farming
Earth would be too cold to support life as we know it without ___.
a) geothermal energy b) the greenhouse effect c) the ozone layer d) global warming
Used paper, grass clippings, and vegetable scraps can be turned into soil-enriching ___.
a) sewage b) plastics c) oxygen d) compost
The 3 Rs of conservation are ___.
a) reduce, reduce, and reduce again b) reduce, reuse, and recycle c) restore rural regions d) resources, rain, and renewable
___ is electricity produced when the energy of falling water turns the blades of a generator turbine.
a) hydroelectric power b) nuclear power c) wind power d) solar power
Rain can cause water pollution when it washes ___.
a) pesticides and fertilizers into streams b) air pollutants out of the sky c) oil and grease off of roads and parking lots d) all answers are correct
Water that collects between particles of soil and rocks are called ___.
a) rain water b) surface water c) groundwater d) water pollution
Not only does it save resources to recycle metals and glass, it also takes far less ___ to make containers and other products from recycled minerals.
a) water b) paper c) energy d) aluminum
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