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What is not a true statement about volcanoes eruptions
a) gas and dust can change atmosphere b) climate and weather could be changed c) volcanoes can deposit minerals like gold and silver d) most eruptions of volcanoes are similar
What is the major agent of erosion?
a) wind b) glaciers c) plants d) moving water
If you were testing for hardness and you are able to scratch the mineral with your finger nail what scale number would make the most sense?
a) 4-5 b) 6-7 c) 1-2 d) 8-9
If you wanted to test to see if a mineral contained iron, what test would you use?
a) magnetism b) streak c) luster d) hardness
What characteristic of minerals is easiest to identify but can be the least reliable?
a) color and texture b) hardness c) acid test d) magnetism
Rocks are changed to smaller pieces and become soil through weathering. The soil is then moved by wind or water.
a) cleavage b) erosion c) lava d) minerals
What type of testing would be best to determine if the mineral is gold or if the mineral is Pyrite fools gold'
a) color b) acid c) luster d) streak
Rocks are solid mixtures of
a) dirt b) magma c) lava d) minerals
The Mohs scale measures
a) density b) hardness c) luster d) texture
What is a mineral?
a) a type of rock b) solids which are naturally occurring, inorganic, have a definite chemical composition and a definite atomic arrangement c) crystals d) volcanic ash
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