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One of the important scientists who contributed to the discover of bacteria is ___.
a) Charles Darwin b) Richard Leakey c) Albert Einstein d) Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
Which one is true?
a) Bacteria are eukaryotic. b) Bacteria are one-celled organisms. c) Bacteria are multi-celled organisms. d) Bacteria are vertebrates.
Rod-shaped bacteria are called ___.
a) spirilla b) cocci c) bacilli d) colonies
Which is true of bacteria?
a) Most bacteria are consumers. b) All bacteria are producers. c) Bacteria are not parasites. d) A few types of bacteria are filter feeders.
Some bacteria can live without oxygen. They are called ___.
a) omnivores b) hermaphrodites c) homonids d) anaerobes
Which of these kingdoms are bacteria found in?
a) arcaebacteria and eubacteria b) plants c) animals d) protists
Which of these is a group of producer eubacteria?
a) cyanobacteria b) saphrophytes c) archaebacteria d) endospores
Some archaebacteria thrive in ___ environments.
a) dry b) salty c) sandy d) basic
What do bacterial cells contain?
a) a nucleus b) mitochondria c) four chromosomes d) DNA
What pigment do cyanobacteria need to make food?
a) chlorophyll b) aerobes c) ribosomes d) lysosomes
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