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When you place a cooler object against a source of heat, you transfer heat by
a) convection b) conduction c) radiation d) microwave
Thermometers measure ___.
a) potential energy b) kinetic molecular motion c) mechanical energy d) coolness
Gravity changes potential energy to kinetic energy when
a) you push a child in a wagon b) a skier starts down a slope c) you throw a ball to a friend d) a balloon floats upward
Energy flow of an athlete: from ___ energy to ___ energy and ___ energy
a) chemical, electrical, radiant b) chemical, motion, thermal c) radiant, thermal, motion d) motion, chemical, nuclear
Energy flow of the sun: from ___ energy to ___ and ___ energy
a) chemical, electrical, motion b) chemical, thermal, sound c) nuclear, radiant, thermal d)
Solar energy is ___.
a) a nonrenewable resource b) a renewable resource c) an inexpensive source of energy d) a commonly used source of energy
Energy flow of a car engine: from ___ energy to ___ energy and ___ energy and ___ energy
a) chemical, motion, thermal, sound b) motion, thermal, nuclear, radiant c) chemical, nuclear, thermal, motion d)
Energy flow of a flashlight: from ___ energy to ___ energy to ___ energy
a) chemical, electrical, radiant b) chemical, electrical, motion c) nuclear, radiant, thermal d) chemical, motion, thermal
Energy flow of a BBQ grill: from ___ energy to ___ energy and ___ energy
a) nuclear, radiant, thermal b) chemical, thermal, radiant c) chemical, motion, sound d) chemical, radiant, sound
Potential energy is to kinetic energy as
a) water stored behind a dam to electrical energy b) flute is to trumpet c) a tractor is to a sports car d) an ice cube is to a hot day
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