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to understand the value of something
a) blurted b) critical c) appreciation d) complimenting
customs, beliefs, and traditions that define a group of people
a) congratulate b) blurted c) cultural d) critical
to say something nice or give praise
a) contradicted b) appreciation c) critical d) complimenting
to say something suddenly
a) cultural b) blurted c) critical d) contradicted
a failure to understand or comprehend
a) contradicted b) blurted c) complimenting d) misunderstanding
to disagree with
a) congratulate b) misunderstanding c) blurted d) contradicted
to give praise or good wishes for something that has
a) congratulate b) cultural c) critical d) appreciation
to find fault with
a) cultural b) contradicted c) critical d) blurted
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word contradicted?
a) agreed b) moderated c) objected d) reformed
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word critical?
a) blunt b) complimentary c) liberal d) timid
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