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What is a favorite activity?
a) personality b) interest c) value d) technology
What is a person's ability to do something he or she has learned?
a) visual/spatial style b) personality c) skill d) interest
If you learn by classifying and identifying patterns, what type of learning style do you have?
a) visual/spatial style b) category c) value d) technology
What are the tools, materials, ideas and methods used to get things done?
a) category b) skill c) technology d) interest
If you learn best through working with colors and pictures, what kind of learning style do you have?
a) personality b) category c) skill d) logical style
What is a belief or idea by which a person lives by?
a) personality b) value c) skill d) technology
What is a group of similar ideas or things?
a) category b) value c) skill d) technology
What is a person's feelings, actions habits and thoughts called?
a) skill b) interest c) logical style d) personality
Your general outlook on life is referred to as your what?
a) actions b) the way you speak c) your potential for learning a skill d) attitude
What is a checklist that matches your favorite activities to possible careers?
a) values survey b) interest inventory c) aptitude checklist d) learning style inventory
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