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Electricity can be generated by the spinning of a _____________________ around a ______________________________.
a) magnet; coil of wire b) coil of wire; magnets c) CD; groovy people d) turbine; spinning water
______________________ are used to make electricity by using different sources to turn the turbines.
a) Generators b) Turbines c) Magnetic fields d) Transformers
Which of is NOT a renewable source of electricity?
a) solar b) wind c) oil d) dams
Electrical power leaves generators at a __________________ voltage than what it needed in the home.
a) higher b) lower c) the same d) zero
A _______________________ changes the voltage transported in power lines.
a) circuit breaker b) generator c) transformer d) stinky leg dance move
When uranium atoms are split to help create electricity, this is what type of source?
a) Geothermal b) Biofuel c) Nuclear d) Wind
Electricity is the flow of __________________________.
a) electrons b) protons c) neutrons d) your dance moves on the dance floor - it's electric!
Currently can we store electrical energy to use at a later date?
a) Yes b) No c) Sometimes d) No and it will never be possible.
Which resource for electricity is NOT limited by location and availablity?
a) geothermal b) fossil fuels c) wind d) solar
Which of the following is NOT currently being used to create electrical energy?
a) burning gas generated by trash b) batteries c) moving water d) you sitting on the couch
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