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The first patriarch
a) Abraham b) Isaac c) Jacob d) Joseph
Wife of Abraham
a) Rachel b) Sarah c) Rebekah d) Leah
First son of Abraham
a) Isaac b) Jacob c) Ishmael d) Esau
Mother of Ishmael
a) Rebekah b) Sarah c) Leah d) Hagar
The second Patriarch
a) Esau b) Jacob c) Isaac d) Joseph
Eldest son of Isaac
a) Jacob b) Esau c) Reuben d) Judah
The third patriarch
a) Ishmael b) Simeon c) Jacob d) Esau
First wife of Jacob
a) Leah b) Bilhah c) Zilpah d) Rachel
The fourth patriarch
a) Napthali b) Judah c) Dan d) Joseph
Tricked his father into receiving the blessing
a) Ashur b) Jacob c) Esau d) Isaac
Favorite son of Jacob
a) Reuben b) Judah c) Joseph d) Israel
Mother of Joseph
a) Leah b) Bilhah c) Zilpah d) Rachel
Younger brother of Joseph
a) Thomas b) Laban c) Benjamin d) Aaron
Had an unusual dream about a ladder
a) Esau b) Jacob c) Joseph d) Caleb
Had a gift of interpreting dreams
a) Jacob b) Esau c) Joseph d) Benjamin
Rose to great power in Egypt
a) Joseph b) Israel c) Jacob d) Benjamin
New name of Jacob
a) Moses b) Israel c) Jerusalem d) Bethuel
Number of sons of Jacob
a) 10 b) 12 c) 8 d) 6
Worked as a servant of Potiphar
a) Israel b) Joseph c) Jacob d) Esau
Was thrown into a well by his jealous brothers
a) Ishmael b) Esau c) Isaac d) Joseph
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