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Father Christmas can be called __________
a) Santa b) Jesus c) Snowman d) Silver
At Christmas people get _______.
a) tired b) gifts c) red packets d) goats
At Christmas we remember ________.
a) John b) Turkey c) Jesus d) Mum
At Christmas we sing ________.
a) carols b) poems c) turkey d) trees
At Christmas people like to have a Christmas _____.
a) tree b) fish c) easter egg d) coat
At Christmas many people eat a bird called ________.
a) chicken b) peacock c) robin d) turkey
Christmas Day is on __________.
a) December 12 b) December 25 c) December 3 d) November 25
At Christmas, people see their________
a) family b) uncle c) aunt d) turkey
At Christmas in cold countries, children like to make _______ men.
a) snow b) mud c) fish d) old men
Santa's sleigh is pulled by __________.
a) horses b) turkeys c) reindeer d) cats
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