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An objects place or location
a) position b) reference point c) delta d) planets
how far an object moves from one point to another
a) rate b) velocity c) distance d) location
change in position or place
a) relocation b) jump c) osmosis d) motion
rate at which an object moves in a certain direction
a) rapid b) velocity c) distance d) position
stationary object used to determine the motion of another nearby object
a) position b) force c) reference point d) mass
rate at which the position of an object changes
a) motion b) point c) distance d) speed
A moving bicycle changes ___________ compared with the nonmoving reference points
a) size b) position c) state d) mass
Buildings, trees, and other stationary objects are used as _______. These objects show that you are in motion.
a) motion b) position c) reference points d) speed
Science measurements are different than the measurements used in the US. In science, the basic units of distance or length follow the International System of Units (SI). Which is NOT usually measured in science?
a) centimeters b) kilometers c) meters d) feet
The proper way to find speed (equation) is....
a) Speed =Distance/Time b) Time=Speed/Distance c) Speed=Time/Distance d) Distance=Time/Speed
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