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I am the king of the Gods. The Greeks calle me Zeus
a) Jupiter b) Juno c) Mercury d) Mars
I am the queen of the Gods. The Greeks called me Hera
a) Jupiter b) Ceres c) Vulcan d) Juno
I am the God of the Seas. I carry a trident. The Greeks called me Poseidon
a) Mercury b) Neptune c) Saturn d) Venus
I am the God of the Underworld. The Greeks called me Hades
a) Ceres b) Jove c) Pluto d) Mars
I am the Goddess of Agriculture. The Greeks called me Demeter
a) Ceres b) Hestia c) Pluto d) Venus
I am the Goddess of Wisdom. The Greeks called me Athena
a) Mercury b) Minerva c) Jupiter d) Diana
I am the Goddess of the Moon and Hunting. The Greeks called me Artemis
a) Apollo b) Ceres c) Diana d) Venus
I am the Goddess of Love. The Greeks called me Aphordite
a) Diana b) Mercury c) Juno d) Venus
I am the God of War. The Greeks called me Ares
a) Mars b) Venus c) Mercury d) Minerva
I am the Messenger God. I have winged sandals. The Greeks called me Hermes
a) Mercury b) Mars c) Minerva d) Venus
I am the God of Metalworking. I make weapons. The Greeks called me Hephaestus
a) Venus b) Vulcan c) Mars d) Pluto
I am the Goddess of the Hearth. The Greeks called me Hestia
a) Jupiter b) Diana c) Vesta d) Venus
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