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The first stage in cellular respiration
a) glycolysis b) Krebs cycle c) d)
Citric acid is involved in
a) Krebs cycle b) glycolysis c) d)
Produced up to 38 ATP
a) aerobic respitation b) glycolysis c) d)
produced by cellular respiration
a) ATP b) NADH c) d)
Electrons are transferred from molecule to molecule
a) electron transport chain b) glycolysis c) d)
Regenerates NAD+ so cell can continue producing ATP in the absence of oxygen
a) fermentation b) aerobic respiration c) d)
used by organisms to store chemical energy
a) organic compounds b) ATP c) d)
involved in glycolysis
a) G3P b) ATP c) d)
involves a concentration gradient
a) chemiosmosis b) glycolysis c) d)
Fermentation allows the continued production of ATP even though ___________ is not present
a) oxygen b) phosphate c) d)
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