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to change or effect something in a postive or negative way
a) communitcate b) influence c) policy d) trend
to share information
a) communicate b) immigrant c) policy d) trend
a person who moves from one country to another
a) policy b) communicate c) trend d) immigrant
a rule
a) trend b) policy c) influence d) immigrant
a pattern of change over time
a) trend b) immigrant c) policy d) influence
at the present time
a) income b) motivate c) minimum d) currently
money from a job
a) motivate b) income c) percent d) currently
to make someone want to do something
a) motivate b) income c) minimum d) percent
the least or smallest amount
a) income b) percent c) minimum d) currently
part of a whole
a) percent b) income c) motivate d) minimum
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