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Controls the body with chemical molecules called hormones
a) Nervous System b) Endocrine System c) Lymphatic System d) Muscular System
Substance within the human body which accounts for 60-80% of body weight
a) Salt b) Sugar c) Bone d) Water
Refers to structures closer to the surface of the body
a) Deep b) Lateral c) Superficial d) Transverse
The heart is ________________ to the stomach
a) Anterior b) Superior c) Superficial d) Inferior
What region of the body refers to the upper and lower limbs?
a) Appendicular b) Axial c) abdimnopelvic d) Thoracic
System responsible for gas exchange between the atmosphere and the body
a) Circulatory b) Respiratory c) Muscular d) Nervous
What region or cavity does the following structure belong to: brain?
a) Cranial b) Thoracic c) Cardial d) Pelvic
The bicep is _________________ to the wrist
a) Medial b) Inferior c) Deep d) Proximal
Which system do the following components belong to: arteries, veins, heart?
a) Cardiovascular b) Endocrine c) Nervous d) Respiratory
These Bring about change (responses) within the body to maintain homeostasis
a) producers b) consumers c) effectors d) receptors
Control system of the body; sends electrical impulses from one nerve to another
a) Lymphatic b) Cardiovascular c) Nervous d) Endocrine
Which of the following is not an example of negative feedback mechanism?
a) control of glucose levels b) blood pressure c) childbirth d)
Consists of bones, ligaments, and cartilage; provides framework for muscle attachment; protects soft tissues; stores minerals
a) Lymphatic System b) Bone System c) Muscular System d) Skeleton System
The stomach is ___________________ to the spine.
a) Medial b) Anterior c) Posterior d) Proximal
Sensors within the body that provide information about specific conditions (stimuli)
a) Receptors b) Effectors c) Sensors d) Cameras
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