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The sum of all traits passed on through genes from parents to children:
a) environment b) ethnic group c) heredity d) character
an example of environment is:
a) color of hair b) type of car you have c) hair color d) the color shirt you are wearing
This is made up of learned behaviors, beliefs, and languages that are passed from generation to generation:
a) empathy b) cultural heritage c) environment d)
Which is an example of an ethnic group?
a) China b) Asian c) Southern d)
Respect, fairness, trustworthiness, and caring are all examples of :
a) character b) empathy c) genes d)
Self-concept is your view of yourself. Which is an example of positive self concept?
a) Being lovable b) self-confidence c) likeable d) all of the above
Which is the best example of having self-esteem?
a) Full under negative peer pressure b) talk in front of a big group c) keep a job d) both 2 and 3
Which is not a type of growth that a person can experience during their life?
a) brain growth b) physical growth c) social growth d) emotional growth
The body's ability to fight illness and infection and repair damage is called:
a) Physical fitness b) Grooming c) Health d) Physical wellness
Being physically active can benefit you by:
a) Building strength b) building flexibility c) making your teeth strong d) both 1 and 2
Leaning and caring for your body is called:
a) cleansing b) taking a shower c) grooming d)
Your body's reaction to the events of your life is called:
a) Sweat b) Stress c) Emotions d) Shaking
This is the largest preventable cause of illness and premature death in the U.S. :
a) Smoking b) Cancer c) Obesity d) Heart attack
Alcohol can damage what part of the body?
a) Brain b) Liver c) Stomach d) All of the above
Sexually transmitted diseases are a major concern for young adults. How can STDs be prevented?
a) Use of condoms b) Regular STD tests c) Small amount of sexual partners d) All of the above
This is a process of conveying information in such a way that the message is received and understood:
a) manners b) feedback c) communication d) talking
Which are examples of communication?
a) verbal b) nonverbal c) yelling d) both 1 and 2
Non-verbal communication uses body language. What are some exaomples of body language?
a) Facial expressions b) Gestures c) Postures d) All of the above
The struggle between two people of groups who have opposing views is called:
a) Problems b) Conflict c) Arguing d)
What you do to earn a living is called a:
a) Career b) Job c) Life d)
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