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What type of tissue is found on the surface of the mucus membrane lining the urinary bladder and ureters? This type of tissue allows for stretching as the bladder fills with urine.
a) Muscle Tissue b) Nervous Tissue c) Transitional Epithelium d) Simple Cuboidal
Transports nutrients, wastes, respiratory gases, and hormones; is not a typical connective tissue
a) Proper Connective Tissue b) Blood c) Bone d) Adipose Tissue
What is the purpose of Adipose Tissue (Fat)?
a) Support the Body b) Energy and Nutrient Storage c) Movement d) Preventing Disease
Which of the following is not a function of Epithelial tissue
a) Communication b) Protection from infection c) Support d) Transport
An epithelial tissue “built” to withstand friction or rubbing, (multi layered)
a) Simple Cuboidal Epithelium b) Simple Columnar Epithelium c) Simple Squamous Epithelium d) Stratified Squamous Epithelium
Specialized cells that generate and conduct electrical impulses across the body
a) Osteoblasts b) Chondrocytes c) Neurons d) Skin Cells
Epithelial cells can be classified according to shape. Which is not a characteristic shape of epithelial cells?
a) Cuboidal b) Squamous c) Columnar d) Rectangular
What tissue gives our external ears their shape?
a) Adipose Tissue b) Bone Tissue c) Elastic Cartilage d) Muscle tissue
What primary tissue type is blood classified as?
a) Nervous b) Connective c) Muscle d) Epithelial
Which of the following is not an example of connective tissue?
a) Adipose b) Cartilage c) Muscle d) Bone
Secretes products outside the body
a) Transitional Epithelium b) Connective Tissue c) Exocrine Glands d) Endocrine Glands
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