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Which formula in Excel uses division?
a) =C2+D2 b) =min(C2:C25) c) =B6/C6 d) =sum(C3:C25)
When you hover your mouse over a tool, a box appears that is called a ____________.
a) edit b) tool tip c) home d) the box thingy
_____is an example of an input device.
a) microphone b) moniter c) printer d) speakers
The collection of physical elements that make up a computer system is call the _____.
a) text b) hardware c) software d) mice
___ describes a program's ability to distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters.
a) Text b) Smart c) Login d) Case sensitive
How do I change the background of a slide to a gradient?
a) Right click-format background b) Left click-home c) Home-format background d) Other
How do you re-size an image without distorting it?
a) Click and drag any handle b) Command it to Resize! c) Click and drag the green circle d) Click and drag the corner handle
What part of the computer is used to view work that has been entered into the computer?
a) Monitor b) Keyboard c) Printer d) Other
Raahil needs to produce a hard copy of his report. Which hardware device should he use?
a) Scanner b) Printer c) Mouse d) Monitor
Under what tab do you find the shapes tool in PowerPoint?
a) Insert b) Background c) Home d) View
Which tab in PowerPoint should I click to insert clipart?
a) Home b) Format c) Animations d) Insert
When information is stored in the computer’s memory or on disk, the computer has done what?
a) Processed data b) Received data c) Cleaned data d) Stored data
The ____ is the style of text you can choose.
a) Wordart b) Shape c) Font d) Color
_________ is used to point or jump to a specific place on the Internet
a) Hypertext b) A field c) URL d) All of the above
A ______ field in Access provides more information about the field.
a) left b) right c) caption d) description
T or F The field property panel changes for the field you are working in in Access.
a) True b) False c) d)
What function would you use in Excel to add up numbers?
a) =max() b) =min() c) =add() d) =sum()
Where can you find the tool to change the number of decimal places in Excel?
a) format cells-time b) Other c) format cells-date d) format cells-number
T or F The navigation pane in Access is located at the top of the screen.
a) Top b) Bottom c) Left d) Nowhere
Which direction do columns run?
a) Up and down b) Diagonal c) Across d) Fast
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