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Which is not a carbohydrate?
a) chitin b) enzymes c) cellulose d) starch
Which is not part of CHOGGIES?
a) Energy b) Stimulus/response c) Homeostasis d) Macromolecules
Atoms, molecules, macromolecules, organelles...
a) tissue, organ, organ system, organism b) cell, tissue, organism, organ system c) ecosystem, population, community, organism d) cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism
Which is not a macromolecule?
a) Carbohydrates b) Carbon c) Nucleic Acids d) Proteins
Which macromolecule is made of sugar sub units (saccharides)
a) Carbohydrates b) Proteins c) Lipids d) Nucleic Acids
We tested for complex carbs like starch using
a) Biuret solution b) Benedict's solution c) Iodine d) Paper Bag
DNA and RNA are examples of:
a) carbohydrates b) lipids c) proteins d) nucleic acids
The parts of a cell are called
a) macromolecules b) organelles c) tissues d) molecules
Which is not a function of proteins?
a) movement b) protection c) speed up reactions d) store information
What color does a solution turn if it contains simple carbohydrates?
a) green b) orange c) red d) could be any of these colors!
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