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Unscheduled communicating with coworkers occurring by chance inside or outside the workplace
a) Teleconference b) Channel c) Informal Communication d) Commuting
Two or more people communicating through a video and voice linkup
a) Videoconference b) Message c) Teleconference d) Margin
Using a speakerphone to conduct a meeting with participants in different locations
a) Videoconference b) Informal communication c) Teleconference d) Commuting
The blank space around the printed or written material
a) Message b) Margin c) Commuting d) Channel
Recognizing a sound
a) Hearing b) Listening c) Noise d) Feedback
Anything that interrupts a message during the communication process
a) Noise b) Hearing c) Listening d) Multi-Tasking
Clue that reveals what message was received by the receiver
a) Multi-Tasking b) Sender c) Feedback d) Noise
Person who gets the message during the communication process
a) Sender b) Receiver c) Hearing d) Noise
The person who starts the communication process
a) Sender b) Listening c) Receiver d) Noise
Understanding what is heard
a) Feedback b) Noise c) Hearing d) Listening
Doing more than one job at a time
a) Receiver b) Feedback c) Multi-Tasking d) Noise
Any message that does not use written or spoken words
a) Modified Block Form b) Nonverbal Communication c) Block Form d) Communication
The process of conveying a message, thought, or idea
a) Communication b) Memo c) Block Form d) Comprehension
A Letter in which some parts begin at the left margin
a) Block Form b) Comprehension c) Memo d) Modified Block Form
Informal message written in the workplace
a) Communication b) Nonverbal Communication c) Memo d) Comprehension
A letter in which all parts begin at the left margin
a) Memo b) Block Form c) Comprehension d) Modified Block Form
Ability to understand the material that has been read or heard
a) Comprehension b) Communication c) Nonverbal Communication d) Block Form
Regularly traveling back and forth to work
a) Channel b) Message c) Informal communication d) Commuting
Something that is understood by the senses, usually spoken, written, or printed
a) Message b) Channel c) Videoconference d) Informal communication
How the message is delivered during the communication process
a) Message b) Channel c) Margin d) Informal communication
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