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Location of Protein Synthesis
a) Mitochondria b) Vacuole c) Chloroplast d) Cytoplasm
5' G T A _ _ _ A A 3' 3' C A T G C A T T 5' This segment of DNA has undergone a mutation in which three nucleotides have been deleted. A repair enzyme would fix the section by inserting which of the following?
a) CGT b) GCU c) CGU d) AAA
A cell membrane allows certain objects through but not other substances, as a result the cell membrane is called:
a) Perforated b) Semi-Permeable c) Conductive d) Perma
A solute is
a) The solid in a solution b) The liquid in a solution c) The beaker that is holding the solution d)
Hypotonic Solutions
a) Have more dissolved solids than water b) Has more water or than dissolved solids c) Has the same amount of dissolved solids as water d)
If a plant cell were missing chloroplasts what would it be unable to do?
a) Move from Predators b) Reproduce c) Produce sugars from sunlight d) None of the Above Plant cells do not have chloroplasts
A prokaryotic cell has all the parts listed except:
a) Ribosomes b) Nucleus c) Cell Membrane d) Genetic Material
Living Cells MUST do all of the following except
a) Move b) Reproduce c) Use energy from the sunlight or from food d) Respond to changes in environments
Which Biomolecules are made up of amino acids assembled through transcription and translation?
a) Nucleic Acids b) Proteins c) Carbohydrates d) Lipids
Which RNA is responsible for translation?
a) tRNA b) rRNA c) mRNA d) sRNA
Which Biomolecule are sugars and starches considered?
a) Proteins b) Nucleic Acids c) Carbohydrates d) Lipids
What is the RNA anticodon for this codon? ACC
a) TGG b) UGA c) UGG d) TGA
Where does transcription Occur?
a) The ribosome b) The Mitochondria c) Cytoplasm d) Nucleus
What does Adenine pair with in DNA?
a) Uracil b) Cytosine c) Guanine d) Thymine
What is the step in Mitosis in which the chromosomes pull away from the middle? (Phase 3)
a) Prophase b) Anaphase c) Cytokinesis d) Telophase
Which organelle produces energy in the cell?
a) Mitochondria b) Nucleus c) Lysosome d) Cytoplasm
What is the variable the scientist changes?
a) The control variable b) The dependent variable c) The constant variable d) The Independent Variable
What is the passive movement of molecules or particles along a concentration gradient or from the regions of higher to lower concentration?
a) Osmosis b) Diffusion c) Active Transport d) The Independent Variable
Energy produced through cell respiration
a) AQG b) NAHF c) NADH d) ATP
What are the products of Photosynthesis?
a) Carbon Dioxide and Water b) Sunlight and Water c) Oxygen and Glucose d) Glucose and Water
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