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There are _______ planets in our Solar System
a) 8 b) 9 c) 10 d) 7
All the objects in the Solar System are circling ______________.
a) Earth b) the moon c) the sun d) Mars
The sun is a __________.
a) rock b) piece of dust c) planet d) star
The sun is made of ________.
a) helium b) oxygen c) hydrogen d) carbon dioxide
Temperatures in the sun _________
a) are the same b) vary c) are cold d) none of the above
The hottest part of the sun is _______
a) the surface b) the center c) the top d) the bottom
Gravity keeps the planets ___________ the sun
a) orbiting b) floating c) by d)
What are the two groups of planets?
a) Terrestrial and dwarfs b) Terrestrial and Gas Giants c) Gas Giants and Plutoids d) Plutoids and Dwarfs
What is between Mars and Jupiter?
a) comets b) Saturn c) The asteroid Belt d) The Kuiper Belt
When did Pluto stop being considered a planet?
a) 2007 b) 2005 c) 2006 d) 2010
To be a Plutoid, a dwarf planet must orbit beyond _________.
a) Venus b) Juptier c) Neptune d) Pluto
Which dwarf planet is not a Plutoid?
a) Eris b) Ceres c) Haumea d) Makemake
How many moons are in our Solar System?
a) 271 b) 171 c) 371 d) 100
What is a comet NOT made of?
a) dust b) ice c) rocks d) liquid gases
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