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British soldiers stayed in the Ohio River Valley. The Indians wanted the soldiers to leave. An Ottawa chief named Pontiac led the Indians in a war against the British. This was called ______________.
a) Pontiac’s Rebellion. b) Ottawa Rebellion. c) Ohio River Valley Rebellion. d) Indian Rebellion.
In 1763, Britain and France ended the war and signed the Treaty of ________.
a) New York. b) Paris. c) Ohio River Valley. d) Treaties.
France gave Britain control of Canada and most of the land east of the ___________ River.
a) Ohio b) Mississippi c) Missouri d) Nile
In ________, Britain and France ended the war and signed the Treaty of Paris. France gave Britain control of Canada and most of the land east of the Mississippi River.
a) 1765 b) 1762 c) 1763 d) 1764
True or False In 1757, Britain sent more soldiers to North America. This helped defeat the French in Canada.
a) True b) False c) d)
The colonists _____________ the Albany Plan of Union. They did not want to join together under one government.
a) accepted b) rejected c) modified d)
_____________ thought the colonies should work together to defeat France. Each colony would still have its own government. They would also create one government together to decide important issues. His idea was called the Albany Plan of Union.
a) Thomas Jefferson b) Benjamin Franklin c) John Hancock d) Samuel Adams
In 1754, a congress of the British colonies met in ______________.
a) Queens, New York. b) New Amsterdam, New York. c) Long Island, New York. d) Albany, New York.
Most American Indians in the region were ________ of the French.
a) allies b) enemies c) d)
The American Indians ________ the French because they traded but did not settle on the land.
a) did not like b) liked c) d)
The war for control of the valley was called the
a) French War. b) French and Indian War. c) Indian War. d) Valley War.
Which country declared war?
a) France b) Britain c) Spain d) Portugal
True or False The French built forts to protect their trade with the Indians.
a) True b) False c) d)
True or False In 1754, George Washington led an army against the French. He was defeated.
a) True b) False c) d)
True or False The British wanted to settle in the Ohio River Valley and to trade with the Native Americans who lived there.
a) True b) False c) d)
What is a group of representatives who meet to discuss a subject?
a) ally b) rebellion c) congress d) proclamation
What is a fight against a government?
a) proclamation b) ally c) congress d) rebellion
What is an official public statement?
a) proclamation b) rebellion c) congress d) ally
What was it about the Ohio River Valley that made it so valuable to so many different groups of people?
a) The land was cheap b) Fur trading c) All of the above d)
To avoid more conflict w/American Indians, Britain made the _________________. It recognized the Indians’ right to the land. It did NOT allow colonists west of the Appalachian Mountains. The colonists were angry. British soldiers to live among them.
a) Treaty of Paris. b) Proclamation of Paris. c) Proclamation of 1763. d) Treaty of Britain.
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