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to ignore
a) boycott b) theme c) neglect d) drift
a type of cast for holding something still
a) splint b) drift c) neutral d) trend
a strategy
a) theme b) tactic c) conflict d) splint
getting ready for something
a) drift b) theme c) preparation d) splint
a problem
a) trend b) theme c) conflict d) splint
something moving
a) drift b) splint c) prepartation d) theme
to stay out of an arguement- don't take sides
a) conflict b) neutral c) boycott d) preparation
to refuse to buy or participate as a way of protesting
a) boycott b) conflict c) splint d) preparation
what's currently in fashion
a) conflict b) boycott c) theme d) trend
The life lesson in a story
a) theme b) boycott c) neutral d) conflict
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