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This is the part of the atom where neutrons and protons are located.
a) nucleus b) orbitals c) valence shells d) outer shell
This subatomic particle has a negative charge.
a) electron b) proton c) neutron d) nucleon
What is used to determine the mass number of an element?
a) number of protons + number of neutrons b) number of electrons + number of protons c) number of electrons + number of neutrons d) number of quarks + number of electrons
The atomic number on the periodic table represents the number of
a) protons b) electrons c) neutrons d) nucleons
Which of the following is not part of the atomic theory of matter?
a) all atoms of elements combined in compounds are combined in varying ratios b) every element consists of tiny, indivisible, indestructible particles called atoms c) different properties of elements result from differences in the atoms of the elements d) a chemical reaction is the result of rearrangement, combination or separation of atoms
Which of the following is 2 or more atoms linked by chemical bonds?
a) molecule b) ion c) element d) cell
The smallest unit of matter into which elements can be broken down into
a) atom b) molecule c) compound d) cell
This has no definite shape or volume
a) gas b) solid c) plasma d) liquid
An atom that has gained an electron and therefore has a negative charge is a(n)
a) anion b) cation c) isotope d) molecule
If two atoms have different numbers of neutrons, then they are called
a) isotopes b) ions c) charged atoms d) molecules
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