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Who was Baron de Bastrop?
a) father of Texas b) creator of the old 300 c) the leader of the Mexican Revolution d) citizen of San Antiono who helped M. Austin get colonization contract
Who lead the Gutierrez Magee Expedition?
a) James and Jane Long b) Moses and Stephen F. Austin c) Gutierrez and Magee d) Da Vaca
Who was Moses Austin?
a) creator of the Old 300 b) the first person to get permission to bring Anglo Settlers to Texas c) the father of Texas d) the leader of the Mexican Revolution
What cultural region were the Kiowa from?
a) Plains b) Pueobloan c) Southeastern d) Gulf
What is a Nomad?
a) A person who grows all food necessary for survival. b) A person who moves from one place to another. c) A person who moves from place to place. d) A person who leads a tribe.
Which tribe farmed?
a) Karankawa b) Coahuiltecan c) Kiowa d) Caddo
Which tribe Hunted and Gathered?
a) Caddo b) Tonkawa c) Wichita d) Jumano
What was the Journey of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca?
a) The life of a Native American Shaman. b) The expeditions of Trinty. c) The story of de Vaca's travels published in Spain in 1542. d) Life on the Old 300 colony.
What is supplying water to land by artificial means?
a) irrigation b) reservoirs c) aquifer d) culture
What are artificial lakes that store water and are often used as a source of drinking water?
a) Aquifer b) Reservoirs c) Culture d) Irrigation
What cultural region were the Atakapa from?
a) Gulf b) Southeastern c) Puebloan d) Plains
What cultural region were the Karnakawa from?
a) Gulf b) Southeastern c) Puebloan d) Plains
What is a natural formation of underground gravel, rock, or sand that trap and hold water?
a) Irrigation b) Reserviors c) Aquifer d) Culture
What is the deepest canyon in Texas?
a) Grand Canyon b) Palo Duro Canyon c) Edwards Canyon d) Houston Canyon
What region do we live in?
a) Coastal Plains Region b) Mountains and Basins c) Great Plains d) Central Plains
What is the name of the only natural lake in Texas?
a) Caddo Lake b) Edwards Lake c) Lake Texas d) Lake Houston
Where is the Caddo located?
a) Near El Paso b) New Mexico c) Far northeast corner of Texas d) Near Okalohama
What is a pull factor?
a) a reason pushing a person from an area b) a reason to pull a person to an area. c) a first hand historical information d) second hanad historical information
What did settlers first look for in land when they came to to Texas
a) nice houses b) great neighbors c) mild climate, rivers and streams d) great entertainment
What effect did the French arrival in Texas have on the Spanish
a) Upset the Spanish b) Re-Kindled Spain's interest c) gave Spain more Independence d) create a great relationship between Spain and France
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