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this group of algae includes algae that are the sources of carrageenan and agar.
a) red b) cyanobacteria c) dinoflagellates d) brown
This group of algae contain diatoms
a) yellow b) green c) brown d) red
This is the largest group of algae
a) green b) red c) blue-green d) brown
This type of algae includes kelp, rock woods and gulfweeds
a) brown b) yellow c) blue-green d) green
This type of algae has 2 flagella and is known for for blooms in the ocean known as the red tide.
a) dinoflagellates b) cyanobacteria c) red algae d) brown algae
This organism is a green algae that is a single cell with a middle dividing into identical semi-cells with a nucleus in between.
a) desmids b) dinoflagellates c) cyanobacteria d) volvox
This unicellular green algae lives in colonies inside colonies of thousands.
a) volvox b) dinoflagellates c) desmids d) cyanobacteria
Cyanobacteria belongs to which group of algae (although it is now classified as a bacteria)?
a) blue- green b) red c) green d) yellow
Which type of brown algae is the largest?
a) kelp b) gulfweeds c) rockweeds d) carrageenan
What algae is the most abundant life form besides bacteria?
a) diatoms b) dinoflagellates c) kelp d) desmids
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