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The scientific name of the loblolly pine is Pinus taeda. Pinus is this tree’s
a) genus b) species c) domain d) kingdom
Many common infectious agents belong to which domain?
a) Eubacteria b) Eukaryota c) Archaea d) Protista
This mushroom is a multicellular decomposer; its cells have nuclei. Which kingdom does it belong?
a) Fungi b) Protista c) Plantae d) Animalia
Multicellular, heterotrophic, eukaryotes without cell walls belong to which kingdom?
a) Animalia b) Fungi c) Protista d) Plantae
Bacteria that adapted to extreme environments belong to which domain?
a) Archaea b) Eukaryota c) Eubacteria d) Protista
Organisms that can produce their own food from the substances available in their surroundings using light or chemical energy.
a) autotrophs b) heterotrophs c) consumer d) decomposer
Organisms that rely on other organisms for food.
a) heterotrophs b) autotrophs c) consumer d) decomposer
Which taxonomic level comes after kingdom when going in order from broadest to most specific?
a) phylum b) genus c) species d) domain
Which of the following kingdoms include organisms that have membrane bound nuclei?
a) All of these b) Plantae c) Protista d) Fungi
Which of the following is not used for classifying organisms into separate kingdoms?
a) Color of organism b) Nucleus present/absent c) Mode of nutrition d) Cell wall present/absent
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