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The outer layer of our atmosphere.
a) Exosphere b) Thermosphere c) Troposphere d) Stratosphere
The calmest layer of atmosphere
a) Stratosphere b) Thermosphere c) Exosphere d) Troposphere
The Northern Lights are found here
a) Thermosphere b) Exosphere c) Stratosphere d) Ozone Layer
This is where meteors burn up
a) Mesosphere b) Thermosphere c) Exosphere d) Stratosphere
The densest layer
a) Troposphere b) Stratosphere c) Exosphere d) Mesosphere
The measure of air pushing on a surface
a) air pressure b) altitude c) ozone d) pollution
The most abundant gas in our atmosphere
a) nitrogen b) oxygen c) argon d) ozone
The height above sea level
a) altitude b) elevation c) air pressure d) ozone
a protective gas found in the stratosphere
a) ozone b) nitrogen c) oxygen d) argon
Volcanoes erupting, methane gas, truck emissions, and buring fossil fuels
a) man made and natural pollution b) what ozone is made of c) are all man made pollutions d) are all natrually occuring pollutions
Air pressure is...
a) the temperature of the air b) how polluted teh air is c) the force of air pushin on us d) the measure of gravity on Earth
The layer of the atmosphere where we live and where all the weather is located is called...
a) Troposphere b) Stratosphere c) Mesosphere d) Thermosphere
The hottest layer of the atmosphere is the ...
a) Mesosphere b) Thermosphere c) Troposphere d) Stratosphere
What happens to air pressure as you go higher in the atmosphere?
a) it goes up (more) b) it goes down (less) c) it stays the same d) it causes damage to the ozone layer
A natural (not man-made) air pollution is...
a) burning fossil fuels b) truck emissions c) volcanic gases d) radiation spill or nuclear accidents
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