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The region of SE Asia is made up of two large peninsulas. They are called the Malay Peninsula and
a) The Tonkin Peninsula b) Malay archipelago c) The Indochina Peninsula d) The Tonkin Peninsula
The Ring of Fire is
a) a region of tectonic activity surrounding the Pacific b) an ancient Japanese legend c) a circle of active volcanoes on Kyushu d) a group of resorts near hot springs on Hokkaido
What two continents meet in Russia's Ural Mountains?
a) Europe and Antarctica b) Asia and Africa c) Europe and Asia d) Europe and Africa
Russia's capital and largest city is
a) Tbilisi b) Baku c) Kiev d) Moscow
The Korean peninsula is divided into two separate countries at
a) 17 degrees north b) 18 degrees north c) 27 degrees north d) 38 degrees north
The country of Vietnam at one time was divided into two different regions at what parallel line
a) 17 degrees north b) 18 degrees north c) 27 degrees north d) 38 degrees north
Kim Jong Un is the ruler of
a) North Korea b) South Korea c) Japan d) China
What country did the US gain in SE Asia as a result of the Spanish/American War?
a) Malayasia b) Indonesia c) Philippines d) Vietnam
Which explorer first discovered SE Asia
a) Columbus b) Magellan c) Coronado d) Ponce de Leon
China's first communist leader was
a) Mao Zedong b) Kim Jong Un c) Ho Chi Minh d) Deng Xiaoping
Vietnam's first Communist leader was
a) Mao Zedong b) Kim Jong Un c) Ho Chi Minh d) Deng Xiaoping
The Radical Communist group that took over Russia in the Russian Revolution was the
a) Vikings b) Slavs c) Mongols d) Bolsheviks
During the fall of the Soviet Union, its leader was
a) Vladimir Lenin b) Joseph Stalin c) Peter the Great d) Mikhail Gorbachev
Why did the US enter into the Vietnam conflict?
a) Land b) resources c) spread of communism d) human rights violation
The United States opposed communism and saw its spread as a threat to democracy. This opposition led to
a) World War I b) World War II c) The Cold War d) The Vietnam War
Many countries consider China's response to rebellions as violations of
a) Trade Agreements b) Human Rights c) Free enterprise principles d) Environmental protections
What led to the events of Tiananmen Square in 1989
a) People rebelled in Tibet b) Foreign businesses had begun to own Chinese companies c) Protesters demanded political rights and freedoms d) Countries threatened to limit or stop trade with China
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