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The phloem in bark contain these to conduct food throughout the plant
a) sieve tubes b) sieve plate c) microtubules d) vessels
This part of the bark stores food for the stem
a) cortex b) epidermis c) phloem d) pith
Which of the following is not found in the bark?
a) xylem b) epidermis c) cork d) phloem
The outer section of a woody stem that provides protection and help transport food
a) bark b) epidermis c) wood d) pith
Which of the following is not one of the 3 main sections of an internal woody dicot stem?
a) epidermis b) bark c) wood d) pith
The center of a young woody stem that function mostly as water storage
a) pith b) rind c) vessel d) vacuole
Which part of an annual ring is darker with a smaller xylem?
a) summerwood b) springwood c) autumnwood d) winterwood
These are an additional larger transport cells that make up xylem in broadleaf trees
a) vessels b) tracheids c) softwood d) cork
These are water conducting cells that make up one type of xylem in wood
a) tracheids b) hardwood c) softwood d) cork
The older, inner wood that no longer conduct water from roots to leaves
a) heartwood b) sapwood c) summerwood d) springwood
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